Anchor Associates, Inc. (Anchor) is a dedicated Corporation that provides  management and accounting service to Condominium Associations and Homeowner  Associations. While full-service, Anchor has sustained many clients for nearly two decades in Collier, Lee and Broward Counties. 

Anchor is locally owned and operated fully insured and bonded. Anchor Associates is bonded and maintains at least $1,000,000.00 on all managerial personnel.  The principals of Anchor have been providing management services for over 15  years and possess related real estate experience in all aspects of  development, sales, marketing and association turn over. We have combined,  over 50 years of experience. Presently, we manage thirty plus Condominium  Associations, Homeowner Associations and Commercial sites that vary in size  from 12 units up to 600 units. 

All individuals in our company involved in property management are required  to have a Community Association Manager's license from the State of Florida.  Our staff now consists of eleven licensed managers, 3 administrative  assistants, a bookkeeper and an on-staff CPA. We also maintain field  personnel, maintenance workers and many outsourced vendors to serve our  clients. To insure that we can provide close, personal service to each of  our clients, we maintain a low manager-to association ratio. 

Our primary focus is association management and accounting. We are  registered with the Bureau of Condominiums of the Department of Business and  Professional Regulations to provide management services to community  associations and are active members of the Community Associations Institute,  the leading management organization in the Country as well as other State  and local organizations. Anchor provides not only management and accounting  services, but also vendor management, contract negotiations, and a set of  comprehensive services to not only corporate clients but also individuals  whom can choose service plans or á la carte services to be certain we have a  custom fit with all of our clients. 

Anchor Associates, Inc. is currently rebranding itself as of late 2011 with  a new image focused on personalized services to associations. Due to a  recent acquisition, our new owner, Brad Phelps, has sought Anchor to become  a leader in the industry. Efforts include technological advances, a refined  marketing strategy and a larger presence in the community to all coincide  with our vision to exceed in service and become a partner in growth with our  community 

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